June 20, 2024

Online Enrollment Open For Kindergarten Students

USD 457

Online enrollment is open for kindergarten students that will be attending Garden City Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year.  Parents will need to sign-up for a Family Access username/password for the enrollment process.  There will be a new to district link where parents will need to click to get a username and password on the district’s website at www.gckschools.com.  

Traditionally, students who are new to the district have had to register in person so they can provide verifiable copies of their birth certificate along with other required documentation.  But due to the pandemic and social distancing protocols, the district has turned to online enrollment. 

The district has created a way for families to submit those documents online. The online enrollment tool is available to all those enrolling in Garden City Public Schools for the first time, whether they’ve recently relocated to the community and need to enroll in school, or they’re a toddler preparing for “big kid school” in the fall.

If parents are having problems with the getting a username and password they can contact the Technology Help Hotline at 620-805-7178.  The hotline will be available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

If the family has more than one child registering, they will need to complete an online form for each child. This is in addition to basic demographic information — home address, the child’s birth date, etc. 

Before logging in to the portal, it’s recommended that families have on hand a scanned copy of their child’s birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency, and parent photo ID.  If the family is unable to upload these documents at this time, the parent will need to contact the district enrollment office at 620-805-7016 to collect the paperwork needed to complete the registration process.

If families do not have access to a computer at home, parents will need to contact the district enrollment office for assistance.  There will be a procedure that parents will need to follow to get their student enrolled. 

If parents have questions, contact the district’s enrollment office at 620-805-7016. For more information, go to www.gckschools.com/parents/enrollment